Modern Warfare Remastered Standalone Leak, a news/fan site dedicated to the Call of Duty series has recieved a tip off from one of their sources that the standalone version of the Modern Warfare remaster is allegedly set to launch on the 29th of June. Their source has sent them pictures of the case (below) as well as that date which apparently their computer system says the game is going to come out.



It’s also rumoured that the standalone version of the game is going to cost $40, which is quite a cash grab considering how much you can actually get the legacy edition for and also noting that the case (if real) doesn’t mention anything about the map packs being included. It surely would be an awful (but, typical Activision) decision to release this on it’s own and make you pay for the map packs.

So, we’re not sure if this is fully legit but if the release date genuinely is the 29th June then I we will be finding out very soon, it’s also going to be interesting to find out if they’re going to change the version that was bundled with Infinite Warfare and possibly allow you to play that without the Infinite Warfare disk.. probably not though.

What do you think of this, if you haven’t already got the legacy edition will you be picking this up? Let us know in the comment section below!

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