Metro Exodus: Gameplay and Information

Announced at E3, Metro Exodus is another first-person survival horror game set in post-apocalyptic Russia. At first sight, it appears to be an open world game, however, 4A Games, the developers of the Metro series, has described it more as a “non-linear” game as opposed to fully open world.

So, what do we know?

Where in the story line does this game take place?
Metro Exodus carries on shortly after the events of Metro: Last Light, the enlightened ending. Artyom needs to band together with a group of other survivors and attempt to escape Moscow, traveling east across Russia, trying to find somewhere safe to settle down (as much as you can in this universe).

How’s the environment?
The game will take place across a year-long period, seasons and all. It will also feature a day/night system so you can expect things to be that more creepy! The seasons change based on when you reach a new location.

How does the game, play?
The game plays exactly as the previous ones, a perfect mix of combat, stealth, and exploration. You explore post-apocalyptic Russia across non-linear levels following the main storyline. Going from place to place and the seasons change as you travel.

Does the game feature random factions/communities?
Yes! Just like in previous Metro games, during your play through, you will encounter a number of friendly and hostile communities.


This game looks beautiful, how about low end hardware? (PC)
In an interview with, the developers had this to say: “The platforms that we support, we target the strengths of each platform and utilize them to the max and so the case of PC is that we try to make sure that if you have a lower end card that’s within our specification, it’ll still work and will stay play and look great. If you have that high end max, ridiculous video card—we’ll blow it up. We’ll still push it to its limits. That’s always a priority for us.”

So far, Metro: Exodus is shaping up to be a pretty awesome game, will you be picking it up? Let us know in the comments, and as always, follow us on social media to keep in the loop!


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