Dying Light To Get 10 Free Pieces Of DLC Over The Next 12 Months

Source: dyinglightgame.com

Dying Light was originally released by Techland in 2015, over 2 years later and over half the player base is still actively playing the game (according to Techland). With this in mind, the developers saw fit to work on a bucket load of FREE content to be released over the coming year.

The new 10 piece DLC content will include¬†“new locations, story-driven quests, gameplay mechanics, weapons, enemies, and more.” They’ve also announced that they will still be balancing the gameplay and tweaking as necessary through smaller updates so they’re not giving up on supporting the game yet! All for FREE!

The first bit of new content will arrive some point over the next few weeks and that isn’t even part of the promised 10! This will be bonus content described as “a taste of what’s to come”.

Personally, this is music to my ears because I’ve been so eager to pick up my copy of the game and start playing again, I really enjoyed the game when it first launched and it was the first game in a while that I sat down and played all the way through without taking little breaks here and there.

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