Destiny 2 Won’t Explain What The Darkness Is

It is absolutely no secret that the storytelling in the first Destiny game was atrocious. For some reason, Bungie decided to hide most of the lore in “Grimoire cards” which I in fact still don’t fully understand what they are or how to use them!
All I know is they give me increased Glimmer and that was reason enough for me to search online for codes and unlock them in the game.

It seems like in Destiny 2, they’d rather the story/lore to be discovered in gameplay (revolutionary concept, I know) but don’t get too excited about finding out what the darkness actually is, because according to an interview with Kotaku on their SplitScreen podcast, Luke Smith, the co-director of Destiny 2, explained that whilst “we do owe our players a story there”, it won’t come in Destiny 2.

The main reason for that? When the writers of Destiny sat down, they themselves didn’t even know what the darkness was or was going to be.


They just started writing that all of these races were minions of the darkness and that they’ll decide exactly what that means later on.
And I’m not joking, Smith told Kotaku: “Straight up. We had no clue.” on what the darkness was. “Because when we’re going to talk about Darkness next, we need to know what it is and have a plan for it,” Smith said. “And we do.”

Another feature coming to Destiny 2 to help improve its story is a map. Now I, for some bizarre reason, didn’t even realize there wasn’t a map in the first Destiny. It just didn’t click that something was missing, I was happily plodding along on my Sparrow without a care in the world so I don’t know if I’m that bothered about it but I can image there’s a lot of people out there that are.

Fast travel will also be brought into it, however certain fast travel spots will have to be unlocked first, which makes sense, you don’t want to fast travel everywhere you go on a planet without having trekking to it yourself first, you’ll miss out on all the fun!

So it seems like we’re going to have to wait to find out exactly what the “darkness” is! Are you excited for Destiny 2? Let us know in the comments and follow us on social media for more news and videos!

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